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Hi there!

My name is Eline Krus (1989), the artist behind EmiKrus Illustration. I’m working as a freelance illustrator since I’ve graduated in 2015 at the art academy in Breda. Materials I like to work with are aquarel, ink and colorpencil, but digital illustration is also no problem for me.

I love to tell stories with my images. It doesn't matter if it ends up in a book or on a product. I always try to grasp the overall atmosphere of the story/product. The ambience of the illustration is very important to me. I like to combine different textures, simple silhouettes and playfull compositions which gives the images an extra dynamic. Due to my graphic design background I'm able to deliver all sorts of printed matter. I'm also active in giving illustration workshops at primary schools and after-school care centers. 

There are some themes that are returning in my work. I'm inspired by the flowy shapes you can find in nature. Another inspiration for me are folktales. What I like about them is that they can be happy and cheerful but at the same time quite dark, horrific and mysterious. A kind of contrast that appeals to me and is also noticeable in my free work as an illustrator. Other themes I like to handle are precious moments in our life, like birth. But also moments that we are on our most vulnerable, like dealing with loss or the feeling of  loneliness.

I’m always looking for new adventures and opportunity’s so if you’re interested in my work don’t hesitate to contact me!

How may I help you?

A small summary of what I'm able to do for you:
●  Visual storytelling

  Concept & character design
●  Stationary products
●  Branding & identity
●  Workshops & cultural education
●  Commissioned work 

Of course there are many more possibilities! So if you have any requests, if you would like to receive an offer without engagement or if you would like to collaborate, please send me an email!


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