to illustrate of course! No matter if it's about traditional illustration or the more flexible, digital way of working.

Hi there, my name is Eline, the artist behind EmiKrus Illustration. I'm living and working in a cozy apartment in Leiderdorp with a lot of plants who keep me company and it has a beautiful view over the city of Leiden. I have a thing for folktales, especially the thin line between reality and fiction is fascinating
for me. I also love to wander in nature and get inspired by the things I observe.

Watercolors, ink and color pencil are my favorite tools.
And with a little help of Photoshop I'm also able to create digital illustrations that maintain that traditional feeling.  Due to a background in graphic design I’m able to deal with all kinds of printed matter. What I like the most about illustration? It's like opening that little door inside you head so other people can have a look into your imagination.

How may I help you?

A small summary of what I do :
●   visual storytelling
   concept & character design
●   stationary products
   branding & identity
●   workshops & cultural education
●   personal projects (for example birth announcements etc.)

Of course there are many more possibilities! So if you have any requests, if you would like to receive an offer without engagement or if you would like to collaborate, please send an email to info@emikrus.com